Like many Oakley eyeglasses, the Flight Jacket has a very futuristic shape. The new frame is similar to the previously popular Jawbreaker, although this time the upper edge of the frame is subtracted, but there is a thicker chin.

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By removing the top edge of the frame, the Flight Jacket has a good view.

Fake Oakleys "O-Matter" frame material provides a very comfortable fit that won't feel unsafe or uncomfortable when worn, and the near-perfect ergonomic shape is exactly the same as cheap Oakley sunglasses expects.

Advancer switch prevents atomization or overheating

There is a switch on the nose of Flight Jacket. When flipped, the lens will be pushed away from the face to improve the ventilation inside the lens and quickly remove the mist.

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Turning on the Advancer switch is easy. Place your thumb on the underside of the glasses and you can easily open the switch with your index finger.

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Use the thumb and forefinger again to push the lens back in place to close the Advancer.

In general, the flawless Oakley Prizm lens is aesthetically pleasing, safe, and clear-cut, coupled with the avant-garde cool shape, it seems that cheap oakleys sale this price is acceptable. However, the Advancer defogging function does not seem to be necessary, and it is slightly uncomfortable to wear.

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