On a spring weekend, the idle Mr.Wang came to a shopping mall,from the first floor to the second floor,from the second floor to the third floor, so slow aimless stroll.Suddenly,he was attracted by something.He quickened into a oakley vault outlet store and went to the item that caught his eye.It was a pair of oakley sunglasses polarized.


At this time, the guide saw Mr.Wang in front of the goods and asked, "Sir, if you like it, you can try it on to see if you like it."Can you introduce me to this glass of flame color?Mr.Wang asked. "Of course". The guide answered Mr.Wang with a smile.Then,the guide first introduced the origin of the brand.It also introduces the details of the material and other models,such as: 009245-70, OO9245-74, OO9245-71 and so on.


Finally, when it comes to the details of this pair of glasses in the mirror leg, the glass leg inlay the Oakley brand logo, demonstrates its quality, and uses memory materials that are both lightweight and not easily deformed.After listening to a detailed introduction of the guide,Mr.Wang did not hesitate to buy the cheap oakleys Frogskins OO9245-73 model sunglasses.


Mr.Wang, who came to the door, met his neighbor next door,and saw Mr. Wang,who was usually very understated, wearing such cool sunglasses. He asked, "Mr. Wang, what kind of style did you have today?You look so cool, not like you,especially the sunglasses on your face."Mr.Wang replied: "people can not always a layer unchanged ah, mainly because I have nothing to do today, shopping to see him at a glance, may be with their own fate." As he spoke,Mr.Wang laughed. After listening to Mr.Wang's words,his neighbor looked at the glasses carefully and said, "What brand is it? I'll take a look at it another day."It's Oakley sunglasses, on the third floor of the shopping mall.Mr. Wang then answered.


After a few days,Mr.Wang and,his neighbor met at home again. At this time,,his neighbor also wore a replica oakley sunglasses, a pair of fake oakleys full of golden light.His neighbor told Mr. Wang that this was a 24K gold reflection and belonged to the classic oakley Frogskins series. After chatting for a while,they went home and made an appointment to climb up and bring their own replica Oakley sunglasses on Monday.


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